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Hy folks! Lily here. That's 'Lily' as in 'Lily of the Valley' (when I'm being CUTE) or 'Lily Savage' (when I'm NOT).

I'm a very literary cat,(I can lie upside down and spin a pencil between my front paws - could Virginia Woolf do THAT?) In fact, my first book's due out any time now. It's a kind of philosophical autobiography. Its title is 'À la Recherche du Tom Perdu'. I suppose you could describe it as a 'Bridget Jones' Diary' with claws ...

In 2004 I had 5 kittens, and it was decided (hell knows why) to keep The Woozle who, as far as I can see, is a complete Waste of Space. He never helps to keep stray cats off the territory, and his main interests in life are eating and sleeping. Sorry - correction - his ONLY interests in life are eating and sleeping.

Because of the Uselessness of The Woozle, I spend a LOT of time seeing rogue cats off my patch and, though I say it myself, I am FEARLESS and VERY, VERY scary. You should see 'em run! My main job in life, however, is to be my owner's Muse. That means sitting beside her as she types and giving her ideas when she's FELINE uninspired (LOL).