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I'm happy to give talks to all ages, and will fit in with what class teachers feel they'd like.

For children from P4 upwards, I start with a general talk about how to get ideas, and how books are published. I bring along a selection of manuscripts, illustrations etc to show children details of the publishing process. Older children are always particularly interested to see how editors and illustrators work. And they love to be shown how to saw a lady in half, too!

I read an extract from an appropriate book and, if there's time, give a short workshop.

For P1-3, I read from my new book A Heart for Ruby, then we do an art follow-up.

After my talk, I donate a signed copy of one of my books. If you would like to buy some more,I have an order form which you can download and fill in prior to my visit. And, of course, I'm happy to sign any books you or the children buy.

If you'd like me to talk to your class, e-mail me at:


You can also download my current leaflet, which gives full details of books, talks, etc